Our School

North American Hockey Systems, Inc. is a dynamic, hockey skills school developed by David Randall over the last 40 years. The NAHS approach to instruction begins with a strong foundation in skating and stick/puck skills. When these skills are put together, the integrated hockey approach leads to optimum player development. NAHS has developed programs for the first time hockey player and family through the most elite athlete.

Beginning players need to learn the basics correctly. With great positive feedback, instruction at our school is based on, instruct/teach, encourage, teach again process. This stretches the players’ skills, encourages their interest, and develops their love of the game. To succeed in hockey, every player needs a strong set of core skills. Most would agree, that if you can’t skate well, you will always be limited in what type of player you can become. This school starts with a well established, proven system of skating skill development for players. As the skating is developed, so too are the upper and lower body skills as well as the skills of stick/puck control, passing and shooting. While fully utilizing time on the ice for instruction, the atmosphere remains fun but focused. Players learn the self-discipline and mental mindset that allows them to get the most from this and later opportunities.

Over the past three decades, more than 30,000+ players have attended the school. This has allowed the program to be constantly improved and fine-tuned. Now we can offer what we believe is one of the most efficient methods for developing players new to the sport, as well as taking experienced players to a new level of performance and satisfaction in their skills.

NAHS has programs for individuals and groups, teams and organizations. NAHS has consulted and provided programs throughout the United States. Specialized clinics are available for players in the first few years of development, which focus on the acquisition of skating, stick/puck control, passing fundamentals and shooting/scoring. Once these basic skills are learned, the foundation is in place for taking the player to whatever level they are capable of achieving. Most programs neglect and/or fail to integrate skills into a young players’ game. NAHS has an educationally based, learning model that is found throughout the programs offered. Complicated skills are broken down into learnable parts. These parts are assembled, as players are able to master, and then integrate them into their game. This allows instruction to be specifically tailored for 3-year-olds, as well as adult players and everyone in between. Each to their own physical, mental, and emotional readiness as well as their own personal attributes.

NAHS is directed by David Randall and his team of instructors. Coaches are available to come to your rink for training, or to have you or your group attend one of our programs in the capital district of New York State.